Quick Health Tips – April 2015


Check out this recent article:

5 Tips to Maintaining Muscle Health

These 5 tips do what brushing your teeth does…but for your muscles.


Check out this article on the benefits of grass fed butter.

Grass-fed Butter is a Superfood for the Heart

The next time you are at Wegmans pick up Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter and give it a try.


If you like pumpkin, then you’ll love this protein shake recipe from

pumpkin gingerbread protein shake


Put a few tennis balls in socks and throw them in with your laundry to cut down on drying time. This is especially helpful with jeans and towels.

Assess your mobility

Find a mirror and lift your arms overhead. It should be easy to hold your biceps to your head (covering your ears) without shrugging your shoulder or having to force it. If this is hard to do or your biceps are not touching your head, then you are at higher risk of developing shoulder and neck pain. Make an appointment today before neck and shoulder pain slow you down this summer.

Muscle adhesion will limit this motion and cause pain. Watch the video below to learn more about muscle adhesion.