Quick Health Tips – Feb 2015


Many people are taught to leave out the egg yolks even though they are the best part of the egg.  The benefits of eating the entire egg have been known for a long time in nutrition circles but it has finally hit main stream. Read this recent article from fox news. The return of the egg?


Check out as a great resource for cooking. For 2015 he has a weekly meal plan that includes how-to videos, recipes and even grocery shopping lists.


Add walking lunges to your workout routine. They are a safe way to work your lower body without putting too much stress on your lower back and knees. Start with no weight and watch the video below to make sure your technique is perfect.


Lysa Myers, a cyber security industry veteran, recommends creating passwords that are full sentences. “The longer you make the password, the longer it’s going to take for somebody to crack it,” Myers says.

Assess your mobility

How far back can you extend your fingers? Hold your arm flat against the wall and pull your fingers back. Your fingers should extend back about 50-60 degrees with ease.

If this is limited, then you are at a higher risk of developing elbow or wrist pain/stiffness. Muscle adhesion will limit this motion and cause pain. Watch the video below to learn more about muscle adhesion.